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Abstract Paint


The Blue Heron Art Studio gallery is currently featuring the arts of JoAnna E. Lucas.  She has a collection of watercolors, oils, pastel and acrylic paintings. Her paintings are often described as realism with dreamy and vivid elements. She often uses bold colors, shapes and patterns in her compositions. Most of the artworks are inspired by places and people she has visited and experienced.  She often takes photos of events and places traveled and will then draw them into paintings. JoAnna has won several local art competitions and sold hundreds of works. Here you can find some of her latest and more are is available for sale in the gallery.


Fresh off the Easel:

Mini Masterpieces

I have continued with the Ocean Life Series, Polo Ponies Series and Mushrooms Collection of Mini paintings for my Annual Event at Oxford Arts and Crafts Fair. Either in acrylic or oil, these panels measure about 3 by 3 inches or 2 by 4 inches and have a magnet or an easel. These detailed paintings are often scenes I have taken from personal experiences from hiking and traveling to zoos and gardens. Some of the creatures for Ocean Series are photos captured by wildlife protectors and I paint them in hopes of spreading awareness and appreciation to the diverse life to which we are connected to.

Newest Addition:

Royal Terns Over Surf

This painting is inspired by a walk on the shore on holiday in Florida. There were many different shore birds including this small flock of Royal Terns who took turns flying and settling on the sand nearby. Painted in water-soluble oils on a large 34 by 36 inches canvas. 

Royal terns at Nocatee Florida.jpeg

Starting another Series:


Polo Ponies Mini Paintings

Last summer I attended a couple polo games held in Greenwich, CT. The excitement of the watching the players and horses race across the fields movtivated me to catch many photos and turn them into miniature paintings. Painting them in oils allows me to capture the texture and movement of the scene and the small size lets me concentrate on details without getting overwhelmed. So far I have completed 15 "Polo Pony Minis" and will continue to do more!

Most Recent Projects:

Block Printing

I started learning a new craft; block printing. I have carved 7 blocks so far, experimenting with lines and designs of flora, birds and polo ponies. I want to try out the designs on fabrics. I also want to practice with 2 color and 3 color block prints.

block printing 2.jpeg

Here's a sample of what's currently in the gallery. There are more than 50 works on display with new paintings added every month!

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